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Additional Information

Our physicians accept Medicare and participate in many major insurance plans. We are  pleased to provide a knowledgeable staff to assist in filing your insurance and obtaining payment for the services our physicians provide.  We encourage our patients to contact our billing department with  questions or when experiencing difficulties with their insurance  company.   

If you don’t see your insurance listed here, call us at (941) 487 2160. We regularly review our plans to serve you better.

Secondary Insurance
Our staff will gladly file most secondary insurance for you as  well. Be sure to bring all of your documentation with you to the Center  so that we can assist you.

You, the patient are responsible for ensuring that a referral  has been issued by your PCP or referring doctor if that is a required by  your plan.  If your insurance company does require one for a visit to a  specialist and one is not obtained, any unpaid balance from the  insurance company is patient responsibility.

Payment Policy
In order to serve every patient well, all co-payments and prior  balances are due at the time service is rendered unless specific  arrangements are made with our financial counselors. This will, of  course, include the filing of any applicable insurance(s). Thank you for  your patience and understanding.

Insurance information you will need to bring to your next visit:
You will be asked to arrive 15 minutes early for your first visit allowing time to complete any additional paperwork. We respect patient confidentiality and no information will be released without your prior written consent.